Revell 03600 Millennium Falcon

The most iconic space craft from the Start Wars franchise. Everyone wanted one of the Hasbro toys to fly round their living room in the 80s. When I was a kid back in 86 when Return of the Jedi came out a friend of mine got a Revell Star wars plastic building kit gift set. Being into Airfix models at the time I was mesmerised when I saw his set. 30 years later I decided to try a Star Wars build myself.

The Box

Illustration on the front depicts the awesome freighter rocketing through space with a banner theme of AT-ATs, Tie Fighters and the bust of a Tie pilot. The back provides product detail and the paints required to complete the model.

In the Box

It’s a small set with only 20 parts and an A4 colour instruction manual. The instruction manual is really high quality with easy instructions to follow. The plastic parts don’t have any flash from the manufacturing process and the detail is extremely intricate. The complexity (skill level 3) comes from the intricate painting / decals.

Painting Begins

First negative is that the main paint used for the Falcon is an identical colour to the plastic so is difficult to paint. I expect this to be a common across this theme of Revell Star wars models, so, in my opinion a massive oversight.

The red parts are extremely fiddly but with enough patience and a steady hand it can be done.


The decals are all substitutes for the intricate painting. I attempted to use the decals on the glass instead of painting, but they don’t stick well to the perspex so I ended up painting the glass pieces.

I decided against using the decals instead of red paint as the parts are so intricate there is no room for the excess decal fabric round the edge of each red painted piece.

So in the end I didn’t use any of the decals.


Assembly was extremely simple and extremely quick. The model parts are extremely well engineered and slotted together easily without any trimming.

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