Basic Toolkit

I have an old toolkit that I acquired free as part of an old Daegostini Lord of the Rings promotion. It hasn’t been used but does supply me with all the basics.

  • Cutting Mat to protect an table surfaces from scalpel marks (my father found out the benefit of one of these the hard way after finding many cut marks in the table top of a holiday house many moons ago)
  • Scalpal
  • Metal files for removing excess plastic of metal from injection moulded kits
  • An Emory board or file – same as above though less abrasive
  • An assortment of paint brushes (I added these)
  • A pair of miniature snips

This kit provides me with everything I need to get started on my modelling journey.

Also, largely because it is nostalgic I used an old newspaper for protecting the table top when I’m painting.

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