The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Many, many moons ago when I was a nipper I was introduced to painting and building model aircraft kits by my brothers. My father also shared the interest from a fathers perspective (when it got too fiddly he would help with care, attention, and enthusiasm). This expanded over time to vehicles (military) and ships (military). Eventually I got my own OO gauge train set and set about building scenery, and when I was much older a friend got me into painting Warhammer models from Games Workshop. That hobby grew from needing avatars or Role Master, to playing Necromunda and Space Hulk.

I’ve always loved building models. I can’t tell you why but it is a simple pleasure I haven’t ever lost the enthusiasm for. As I became an adult, I gained other interests (golf, clubbing, chasing girls, climbing, martial arts, etc), and gained adult responsibilities that squeezed time (like a black hole squeezes matter) to the point there hasn’t been the time or money for it.

Now I find I’m a father of two boys, one of which enjoys Lego very much and is showing an interest when I browse down the modelling kits aisle in Hobby Craft. My interest has been renewed, particularly after my wife gave me a model railway kit and Airfix model aircraft kit for Christmas.

So I thought I would start this blog with my first kit as a place I can map my journey, record my successes / failures, and provide a place for memories as I suspect I’ll pick this hobby up and put it down many more times…